One of the main attractions of Golf El Rompido is, undoubtedly, the golf academy, run by the prestigious Scottish professional Peter Ballingall, an outstanding student of the famous John Jacobs.

Peter Ballingall is the author of several successful books on golf. “Learn Golf in a Weekend” has sold over 500,000 copies and has been translated into nine languages. In this book Ballingall reveals some of the key approaches applied in his golf lessons. It perfectly summarizes his learning philosophy.

In his latest book “Trust and let go” you will find tips on how to play better golf unaware of changing your swing.

His method is a combination of technique and psychology. His motto “everyone can play better golf, naturally” has won over both expert golfers and beginner golfers all over the world.

Both Peter Ballingall himself and the rest of the teachers who make up his team have designed a programme of golf courses for individuals or groups, adapted to all levels. Classes are given in several languages: French, Spanish and English.

Advanced golfers will have the unique opportunity to improve their technique, and those who want to discover this sport can also do it with us. If you are a beginner, the golf academy can provide you with all the equipment you need to get started.

Lessons can be booked by the hour or in packs. In the summer season, the academy offers specific golf courses for children, with a relaxed and dynamic atmosphere.


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